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2014 – 2016

L’administration de la ville d’Addis-Abeba (AACA) souhaite e

Since 2011, DVDH – Des Villes et Des Hommes – has been providing local authorities with its know-how in the design of projects related to urban planning and mobility. The company’s field of action is both local and international: assistance in the implementation of Public Transport with Exclusive Right-of-Way (TCSP), restructuring of public transport networks, definition of mobility or sustainable urban planning policies (Schémas de Cohérence Territoriale), development of travel policy letters, transport strategy studies, institutional support, or even facilitation of workshops and conferences.

DVDH’s activities are aimed at implementing policies and projects that will enable progress to be made towards development that is truly sustainable in economic, social and environmental terms. To succeed in their ecological transformation, cities need strategic, concrete and effective proposals. With its experience and know-how, DVDH positions itself as a gas pedal of urban change by providing an integrated vision of mobility issues.

Thanks to its network of partners including architects, urban planners, landscape architects and specialized engineering firms, DVDH favors a multidisciplinary approach, the key to successful urban projects. This multidisciplinary approach is also found within the design office, with skills in engineering, geography, cartography and urban sociology.